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Interferntial Therapy

Interferential Therapy (IFT) is to utilise strong interferential electrical stimulation of nerves without painful sensation. It is effective for pain relief and muscle relexation


Modern Acupuncture

Modern Acupuncture is particularly effective in treating muscle-related pain conditions. Unlike traditional acupuncture, our acupuncture combines theories of anatomy, physiology and neuroscience. Targeted muscles can be released by inserting the needles, so that pain can be improved.


Personalized Blood Flow Restriction 

Blood Flow Restriction combines low intensity exercise with blood flow occlusion that produces similar results to high intensity training. It is used to maximize the exercise training effects. Our therapists will personalise different exercise programs according to clients' needs.


Sports Rehabilitation

MyoCue adopts a holistic approach in rehabilitation. Apart from passive pain relief strategies, we also utilize active exercise as our treatment modalities. We hope that our clients can ultimately achieve their goals, including returning to sports and work.


Shockwave Therapy

Shockwaves are high energy acoustic wave that penetrates the body to produce therapeutic effects. It targets various musculoskeletal condition, including tendonopathy, capsulitis, joint degeneration and muscle spasm.


Optimal Radiofrequency System

Radio-frequency (RF) is popular nowadays in treating muscle tightness and joint stiffness. It uses radio-frequency to generate heat in our muscles. It is effective to achieve muscle relaxation by combining our manual therapy and therapeutic massage techniques.


BellaBambi® Cupping

Bellabaci cupping is cupping therapy scientifically designed to relieve pain. It creates negative pressure by applying silicon cup over the targeted body part. It can relax muscles, improve circulation and promote healing

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