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邁翹物理治療中心 Myocue Physiotherapy Centre 針對患者痛症作出專業評估,並提供專業治療方案以解決各類型痛症問題,包括手法治療、衝擊波、電療、針灸、肌肉強化及拔罐等,配合運動有效改善患者痛症問題。




邁翹 物理治療 康復概念

Rehab Concept

MyoCue contains a group of passionate physiotherapists aiming to provide the most evidence-based and effective treatment to address your health problems.

"Myo" means "muscle". "Cue" means "clue".

MyoCue physiotherapists take your holistic body movement mechanism into account. We not only address the focal "myo" pain but also customize your optimal rehabilitation plan based on the "cue" provided by your body.

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物理治療 痛症

Myo as Cue.

Cue your Myo.

MyoCue Rehabilitation Centre

物理治療 服務提供

MyoCue Provide


Our therapists apply the most suitable electrical modalities to optimize the pain control and promote the tissue healing.

Manual Therapy

MyoCue physiotherapists utilize the manual assessment and treatment to accurately address the source of your pain.

Movement Therapy

MyoCue strongly emphasized the critical role of the active exercises including stretching exercise, stregthening exercise, functional training and agility training. 


Our therapists will explain the cause & curing progress regarding their injury to let our patient understand more about their situation.


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